All Abuzz About Regional Centers

The momentum is palpable: Roger and I are spending the better part of our days dealing with three sets of inquiries:

1- U.S. Developers and Project Managers considering an EB-5 structure to finance their projects with foreign capital;

2- Attorneys and Investment Advisors with foreign clients who are intrigued about the new EB-5 Regional Center opportunities and, naturally;

3- Foreign investors who are reading the blogs and want to know more.

Next week our EB-5 team travels to Venezuela to begin our international series of presentations on the EB-5 opportunities available in the U.S. to qualified foreign investors.

These days, a $500,000 investment to secure permanent residency in the U.S. for yourself and your loved ones seems to make a whole lot more sense than spending that same amount on an oceanfront condo you might not use as often as you'd like…