Advantages of EB-5 Investment Immigration

Investment immigration through the EB-5 programs is a fairly recent opportunity provided to those who wish to become permanent residents and citizens of the US. EB-5 is considered a “win-win” for both the investor wishing for residency and for the US: Investment immigration provides the investor with the opportunity to not only grow their investment, but to gain positive opportunities for not only them, but also their family in the US. At the same time, the US economy is stimulated and permanent jobs are created.

But why choose EB-5 investment immigration? Below are just some of the reasons why investment immigration is a profitable opportunity for you:

No Need for Business Experience

For many other types of investment opportunities that can give you as big of a return on your investment such as this, you need business or management experience. But for investment immigration, this is not the case. Simply have the needed funds for your EB-5 venture and acquire an EB-5 lawyer and financial advisor who can help you through the entire EB-5 process through filling out needed paperwork, filling it properly, and picking your investment.

Quick Processing Time

Usually, you can receive a green card for your family for your initial move to the US within 18 to 24 months. At this time, you will be considered to have conditional residency and have two years to put down semi-permanent roots by finding a home in the US in a state of your choosing (you do not have to live in the state of your investment), enrolling your kids in school and more. Within 90 days of the end of your conditional residency term, you will need to file additional paperwork to prove that your investment did in fact create and sustain 10 jobs. After your proof is accepted, you and your family will officially be permanent residents.

Return on Investment

Unlike many financial opportunities, EB-5 immigration investment should give you a return within 4 to 5 years. Many similar investments take much longer to turn a profit to you. When you invest with American Venture Solutions EB-5, you are provided an exit strategy when you choose to withdraw your investment. The returns on investment aren’t just financial: you not only obtain residency and possible citizenship, thus giving you many other opportunities, but you get to say that you created viable jobs in the country that you now call home.

If Refused, Investment is Returned

Another reason that immigration investment is rewarding is that the risk in the beginning stages is hardly any at all. When you apply for EB-5 investment opportunities, if you are not accepted as a EB-5 investor, your money, in its entirety, is returned to you. How many investment options allow you to keep all of what you invested if the opportunity did not work out? Also, until you hear the outcome of your EB-5 application, your money is kept safe in a secure escrow bank.

Investment Can Be Obtained In Any Way

Another advantage to immigration investment is that your initial investment does not have to be obtained through business-related means. The funds that you wish to invest can be obtained through personal savings, loans, donation, or an inheritance. Of course, your investment money must have been obtained by legal means to be considered viable. The amount needed to invest in an EB-5 program is 500,000 US dollars.

Citizenship After 5 Years

The amount of “returns on investment” and positive opportunities that investment immigration provides cannot be quantified. First of all, if you are accepted into the EB-5 investment program, you get the opportunity to make a return on your investment. Secondly, you will gain the opportunity to become permanent residents. Lastly, if you remain in the US for five years, you have the option to apply for citizenship. Other “returns” include your kids being able to receive an American education and possible college degree. You can also reinvest and continue to do business anywhere in the world.

Interested in Immigration Investment?

American Venture Solutions EB-5 is your pathway to US permanent residency. We offer EB-5 immigration investment opportunities. Currently, we are offering two projects with two other successful projects fully funded. Our Regional Centers offer investment opportunities that are owned and controlled by Forbes-400 partner groups. We also operate within full compliance of both US Securities and Exchange Commission, giving you the advantage to be approved by the government for your immigration investment. Our current immigration investment opportunities include:

Lake Point Logistics

Lake Point Logistics is an independent heavy materials hauling company in South Florida. Lake Point Logistics fills a void for a trucking company that will be compliant with changes made by USDOT and the EPA – most trucking companies with these changes will be non-compliant by the end of the year. As with all of our projects, we see Lake Point Logistics becoming fully-funded and highly successful.

Tennessee Restoration

Tennessee Restoration is our newest addition to our projects. This project is multifaceted with land development, timber harvesting, and hay production being key components. The goal of this project is to develop and utilize 16,000 acres in eastern Tennessee: rural land development, agricultural support, and timber harvesting.

American Venture Solutions EB-5

American Venture Solutions EB-5 would love to help you become a member of our immigration investment projects so that you and your family can have success, US permanent residency, and all the opportunities that you desire. Visit our website to learn more about us, our projects, and events. Also, feel free to contact us! We offer free information!

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