A Passage from India…to America??

While everyone knows that the Chinese have emigrated to Canada in vast numbers in the past decade and a half, not a lot of us on this side of the border are aware that, from investment visa numbers, Canada has been a powerful magnet for Indian immigration.  It might simply be that the numbers of Indian health care, science and IT professionals who have entered the U.S. have made us overlook the fact that when it comes to drawing in the investors who ultimately create the jobs, Canada's beat us to the punch again with India.

That's changing.  I'm seeing a stronger interest from Indian nationals exploring the EB-5 option and the buzz on the Internet shows the EB-5 to be an increasingly hotter topic in major Indian city discussion boards.  As the EB-5 has gotten more proven and reliable, the Canadian options have lagged; the USCIS reorganization channeling all EB-5 activity to Laguna Niguel has certainly been a large factor in the improved adjudication times we are seeing, as well as in the reduction of silly RFE's.  The folks in California know what they are doing and the results are being manifested in the form of reliable approval patterns that are a welcome sight for everyone.

In the past two months, I've had two long-gone prospective investor clients reappear, calling me from Canada, both European.  Each had decided against the U.S. several years ago.  After two numbing winters and continued curiosity, they are looking to the U.S. again…maybe not as EB-5s since both have other options.

I would encourage our Canadian immigration colleagues to familiarize themselves with EB-5 Regional Center basics because it may just be that an expanded line of options is what their clients are looking for!  I'm here if you have questions.