5 Ways to Create Jobs in the US

Though some claim to be seeing the light with the unemployment rate of the United States, there is always still work to be done. To continue to stimulate the economy, more jobs must be created. To have better products and more innovation, there must be competition or at least the opportunity to implement new ideas. Jobs are the heartbeat of the economy and the center of the American dream. Today, we are going to discuss how we can create more jobs for the success of the individual and the country at large.

EB-5 Investors

EB-5 Investors are one of the ways to stimulate the economy, continue to create viable jobs, and give non-Americans the chance to become citizens of the United States. Immigrant investors stimulate the economy by investing in projects that create and sustain jobs. American Venture Solutions EB-5 have given non-American citizens the opportunity to gain permanent residency, while creating viable jobs across the country. We have created and sustained jobs through two completed projects: Lake Point and Lake Point Logistics. Currently we are developing our next Tennessee Restoration which is available for investors. To learn more about this great opportunity, visit our website.

Though the following means for job creation are not related to the EB-5 investor program, it is still pertinent to mention these and others when discussing how to create more jobs and have a viable economy.

Technical School

In the last several years, students have begun to see the benefits of a technical school education instead of the traditional four-year college. Why? There are a few reasons. First, there is a need for more people to fill jobs such as dental hygienists, welders, paralegals, electricians and others. Also, may who choose a four year college are finding themselves buried under the weight of debt from gaining a college degree while being unable to gain employment. Many of these college graduates are spending less money and thus stimulating the economy less. When students opt for technical schools they have more immediate jobs available and, if they so choose can still go to a four year college, but also have a means to support themselves along the way and rid themselves, or at least lessen the weight, of debt.

Enhance the Payoff of a College Degree

As mentioned, more and more students are opting for alternative options to the traditional four-year college degree. Why? Because many graduates are seeing less of a payoff for investing in a college or university education: many are finding it difficult to secure a job in their field and are having to opt for low-paying jobs of which their college degree is of little use. Though the means for lowering the cost of education vary depend on your political views, many are proposing that tuition rates be lowered or that colleges would offer three year degrees.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our blog series to learn more about the ways we can create jobs. Also, be sure to learn more about American Venture Solutions EB-5 investment opportunities and the projects that our EB-5 investors have already funded by visiting our website.

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