5 Ways to Create Jobs in the US – Part 2

Jobs are the heartbeat of the American economy, and continuing to create viable jobs is a way to continue to grow the American economy and set ourselves and those who come after us up for success and prosperity. In our last blog, we began discussing a few ways that jobs can be created in the U.S.

In Part 1

First, we began discussing the the importance of inviting foreign investors to invest in the U.S. economy. EB-5 investors programs give foreign investors incentives to invest their wealth in the U.S. economy by offering a means for permanent residency. The investor program that American Venture Solutions EB-5 offers requires that our investors create and maintain 10 jobs offered by our investment programs.

We also discussed the importance of students finding viable education options after high school. Students are beginning to opt for technical schools over the traditional four-year colleges and universities. Also, there are proponents of making changes to the current university system by dropping education costs and offering three-year degrees.

Foreign Customers

Again, enlisting the help of foreign investors, like our EB-5 investors, is one of the keys to stimulating the economy and creating jobs; however, in this case, it is enlisting the help of foreign customers. Small businesses that find foreign markets are seeing success and are able to hire more employees, thus creating more jobs. Cities and global firms are being enlisted in finding these markets for small U.S.-based companies.

Welcome More Immigrants

Many Americans have a skewed perception of immigrants. They say that they are stealing jobs from Americans. But really, again, like our EB-5 investor program, the U.S. needs foreign help to continue to create more jobs. Immigrants not only spend money in the U.S., thus stimulating the economy, but many are creating new businesses and, in turn, these businesses are providing jobs for other immigrants and American citizens alike.

These are just a few of the many ways that jobs can be created in the U.S. Other means suggested are to draw more tourists, create mini-jobs that require 10-15 hours per week, speed the housing foreclosures, and create lean regulatory agencies to help small business owners. American Venture Solutions EB-5 is pleased to create jobs for U.S. citizens while giving foreign investors and their families the means to gain permanent residency.

American Venture Solutions EB-5

American Venture Solutions EB-5 and our EB-5 investors have fully and successfully funded two projects in Lake Point. Lake Point Holdings is a limestone quarry near Lake Okechobee, Florida with a total investment of $20 million by 40 investors. Our other completed project is Lake Point Logistics, a heavy materials transport that may replace many non-compliant independent trucking fleets by the end of the year. This project became fully funded at $15 million with 30 EB-5 investors.

Our current project, Tennessee Restoration is in need of investors. This project will include land development, timber harvesting, and hay production. To learn more about this opportunity, visit our website.

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