35 of 70 SEATS BOOKED: Jose’s Dubai EB-5 Seminar Nov 17, 2010

Folks, I just wanted to update you on the Dubai seminar…with just an ad here and there and a lot of word of mouth, we have filled 35 of the 70 seets for our November 17 EB-5 Seminar at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai.  My colleague, Namjoo Hashemi, a Canadian immigration consultant who has helped hundreds immigrate to Canada from the Middle East, will be joining me and Jud Laird, owner of BC Properties and the pending Lake Point EcoVentures Regional Center, in presenting a dynamic, fact-filled, myth-dispelling morning discussing the real truths behind the EB-5 visa and the things you need to know to determine which Regional Center is right for you.  In fact, one area we will explore in depth is the phenomenon of attorneys steering clients toward EB-5 visas….when better alternatives exist for the client!

I am going to be firing out the first press release on the event in the next day or two; based on what we are seeing and the fact that this first Dubai event is free, I think we'll book up shortly after that goes out.  I wanted to let me readers have a chance to sign up before that, so the link is below.

To clarify; the event will not be the usual "here's why our Regional Center is best" deal you are used to seeing.  It really is an informational seminar discussing everything from taxation issues  to timing strategies to other migratory options…including the often overlooked INDIVIDUAL EB-5 visa.  As I state, the Lake Point EcoVentures Regional Center EB-5 project is still pending USCIS approval at this point.  If we have that approval, we'll be sharing what we believe to be the smartest EB-5 program available when we are in Dubai; if it is still pending approval, we will have to limit our discussions to a general explanation of that program as permitted by SEC and USCIS guidance, and this will only make up a brief portion of the seminar.  Either way, it's going to be a great event and is filling up fast, so sign up today if you are an accredited investor exploring U.S. permanent residency!

[Please note: attendees registering will be electronically vetted and have to attest to their meeting the specific U.S. SEC definitions of "accredited investors".  This event is ONLY for such investors.  If you are interested in a consultaition with Jose but are NOT an accredited investor as described in the registration process, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE SEMINAR.  Instead, please email him directly at and he will be happy to arrange a private appointment with you during his stay in Dubai.]

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