Quick Update on my “Silence”

I've received a number of emails from readers in the past few weeks asking why I have been invisible and my normally chatty self has been anything but that.  I regret to inform my readers that the reason for my silence has been my 88 year old mother's health: as an only child, I am solo at bat and it's been weeks of hospital emergency rooms, rehabilitiation, and doctors.  She is currently stabilized and doing well but every day brings a new challenge.

I normally write Immigration Insider early in the morning, before the phone starts ringing.  Because of the time demands her health issues have created, I've been dedicating that time of day to visiting her, dealing with doctors, etc.  I am hopeful that her continued improvement will mean that I am able to resume my blogs with the regularity you've come to expect.

One last thing: remember the really low quality video blogs I did last year, some of which were inaudible, some of which were excruciatingly boring, and some of which – the "Miata Cam" comes to mind – were the subject of much commentary and merriment?  Well, I will soon be starting the video blogs again but this time with studio lighting, a great HD camera, and a pro mic.  The content may not be any better and I sure won't look any prettier…but the video and audio should make the whole experience a little more tolerable!

Thanks for your notes and well-wishes, I look forward to getting back on my EB-5 bandwagon ASAP! JEL