Pre-Immigration Tax Planning Via Offshore Trusts

LatourLaw Family Offices 5 Part Series Explaining Pre-Immigration Tax Planning, Options, and Strategies Part 1: The Importance of Pre-Immigration Tax Planning [IMPORTANT NOTE: The subject of global taxation is immensely complex and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  The scope of this article is broad and does not constitute legal advice.  Any individual concerned about global tax implications needs to discuss the subject in detail with qualified tax advisors in both their home country and in the foreign countries in which they are investing and/or considering as a future immigration destination.] With more and more wealthy families in Vietnam considering the option of international education for their children, programs like the U.S.

8/19 Visa Bulletin Projects Longer Vietnam Delays…But Don’t Panic!

Okay, my Vietnamese (and Indian) friends and investors, take a deep breath and let me explain why the new August Visa Bulletin is neither surprising…nor as horrible as it looks.  YES, it is true that the just-released bulletin appears to add a substantial amount of backlog time to EB-5 applicants from Vietnam and India, but remember:  the monthly Visa Bulletin is a static snapshot in time of the current projections, it is NOT evidence of what will actually happen in the future!