Jose Latour Wins ALM International Law Recognition

Those of you who have known me over the years know that in the past decade my law practice focus has gradually shifted from a comparatively tame investment-based U.S. immigration focus toward a rather complicated, frequent-flyer-mile-racking, odd fusion of:

1) EB-5 project structuring for private and public U.S. clients;
2) International asset management for high net worth foreign clients;
3) Analytics and sourcing of public funds/grants for U.S. projects and;
4) Private equity sourcing and international joint venture structuring.

It has become increasingly difficult to describe “what I do” succinctly (as if I could ever do anything “succinctly”…(-:)

But fortunately for me, the good folks who publish Corporate Counsel and The American Lawyermagazines have managed to squeeze this chorizo-esque mishmash of practice areas into the category of “International Law & International Trade”, and I am humbled to receive this peer-driven award.  A big “Thank You!” to my unknown colleagues out there who’s quiet faith in me made this happen…