Econometrics, EB-5 Regional Centers, and Job Creation[VERY POOR AUDIO]

Folks, this second attempt at a video blog was shot in my Miata on the morning commute.  While I'm okay with the video (having come to terms with what I actually look like at 48 as opposed to what I THINK I look like) the audio is horrific.  I still posted it because there are a few points who some might want to hear but trust me, the audio is absolutely horrific and annoying due to the little car's vibration, so skip it unless today's topic is of serious interest.

BTW, thanks to all of you who gave me positive feedback regarding the concept (and not the execution) of the first video blog.  The numbers on the blog tripled yesterday, although it could simply be the result of people emailing links to each other and saying "you have to see how gray Jose has gotten".  Whatever…thanks for the feedback regardless.

Footnote: the Miata overheated (again) as I was waiting for a train to pass in Miami Shores and Melissa rescued me.  More soon and I'm working on the audio as well.