Folks, I sent the letter below to those who attended/tried to attend our Dubai seminar.  It occured to me that we might have some readers who have found us since the seminar and who might be interested in “face time’ with us regarding their immigrant investor opportunities in the U.S.   Please read the below and if you’d like to meet with Namjoo, write him SOON because he’s booking up quickly!

I am writing to those of you who attended Lake Point EcoVentures EB-5 Regional Center / Private Placement Partners U.S. Immigration Investment Seminar in Dubai as well as to those of you who were unable to attend.  Namjoo Hashemi, Private Placement Partner’s West Coast Director will be in Tehran and Dubai in the next week and a half for private follow up meetings with prospective investors interested in securing U.S. permanent residency for themselves and their families via the Lake Point Ecoventures opportunity.  The project is limited to a total of 20 investors of  U.S. $500,000 each and reservation funds are escrowed with JP Morgan Bank, NA, in demand-redeemable, interest bearing accounts, until such time that USCIS approves the project…which we think will be “any day now!” 

If you would like to meet with Mr. Hashemi to obtain information on reserving a spot in this exclusive and carefully structured investment opportunity – the only one which I have personally formed from the ground up and put my name on – please write him at , as appointment opportunities are limited!

A happy new year to everyone and best wishes for your continued success in 2011!