Benefits of Becoming a U.S. Citizen Using the EB-5

One thing you are always learning about all around the world is that America is “The land of the free and home of the brave.” Being a free nation is not something anyone should take for granted.

There are many opportunities that lie within the United States that you should take advantage of. The time is now, and the sooner you start your immigration and visa process, the better. Having citizenship within the United States is something that will benefit you and your family greatly.

At American Venture Solutions, we are here to help you gain your residency within the U.S. by investing in a U.S company. With your investment, the company should be able to create more jobs and become more stable within the economy. Find out why our team of EB-5 lawyers are the best in the U.S. nation and get started today.

In our last post, we went over all the amazing benefits of participating in EB-5 investment program. Now, we want to go over the major prosperity of gaining your United States Citizenship.

Benefits of Becoming a United States Citizen


When you are a resident, you are still required to follow U.S. laws, pay taxes, and follow the United States’ political policies. However, when you become a citizen, you will have the right to vote on very important and imperative issues that directly affect you and your family. Being a citizen allows you to weigh on things that directly affect you, even within your local bracket of voting as well. Being given the right to vote is a tremendous reason why people try so diligently for citizenship versus the permanent residency alternative.

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Run for Office

Many people are unaware, but as long as you have obtained citizenship, you are eligible to run for public office. If you don’t like how something is being done or how it is affecting you, running for office will give you the chance to fix things you know will help others. You can take many public office positions and even become the governor of your state. The only thing you would not be eligible for is to become the President of the United States.

Federal Employment and Benefits

If you have always wanted to work within the government, becoming a citizen of the U.S. will make it possible. When you gain your United States Citizenship, you are eligible for most government positions. The time is now, though, as stipulations may change under a new administration. If you are serious about working within a government agency, do some research and see how long you need to have citizenship to be eligible. Pay attention to what is changing policy-wise as well, as this can affect your career goals, and being prepared with an alternative route is never a bad plan.

Travel Freely

With U.S. citizenship, you can say goodbye to all the visa and green card stipulations when it comes to traveling. When you still have your visa and/or green card, you need to be mindful of how often you are away from the United States. If you are away for a total of 6 months a year, your green card is considered abandoned and you need to start the whole process over again. With U.S. citizenship, you can get a U.S. passport; this will be your ticket all over the world to travel for as much time as you want and need. Enjoy traveling freely without fear of deportation or starting the EB-5 process from the beginning.

No Fear of Deportation

With the immigration ban that was recently put in place by President Donald Trump, the fear of deportation is more prevalent than ever. Many people who have visas or green cards can be deported at a moment’s notice. Getting citizenship is the best and safest way to be able to stay within the United States’ borders. With all the uncertainty out there, starting the EB-5 process and getting your permanent residency will lead to citizenship, which is going to be the best way to stay in the U.S.

Sponsor Others

With the EB-5, your spouse and children under 21 can become permanent residents and then obtain citizenship. If you have children over 21 or other family members, you can help them get their green cards and entrance into the U.S. This allows the ones close to you to be able to enter and exit the U.S. by law. Keep the ones you care about safe and secure by using your citizenship for the greater good.

Benefit from Tax

Understand becoming a U.S. citizen has many benefits, one being real estate ventures. If your spouse also obtains citizenship, you will be able to bequeath to them real estate and will have the gain of not having to endure taxation on the property. If you are thinking about purchasing a home, start doing some research about how transferring properties and taxes will work. Having less tax, or no tax for that matter, is always a huge advantage.

Benefit of Aid

If your children are citizens or you want to further your education, you may be eligible for grants, loans, and other assistance with tuition. While you wouldn’t be eligible for these types of monetary aids under a green card or visa, when you are U.S. citizen, you can utilize these sources.

Enjoy Dual Citizenship

While it used to be banned to become a dual citizen, the supreme court decided that you may have the option to keep citizenship from your original nation as well as the citizenship of the United States. When you go through your naturalization ceremonies, you can forgo the part about renouncing your previous citizenship. This lets you keep a part of your original culture and enjoy in your new found home. This also gives you the option to travel to your original country as much as needed.

Becoming a U.S. citizen will give you all the options you ever dreamed of. Participating in the EB-5 investment program will get you your dreams faster. Our EB-5 lawyers are here to explain to you everything about becoming a foreign investor and what it takes to become a citizen of the United States. Our team is knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate when it comes to your situation and why you want to be a part of this great nation. Learn more about our amazing team, why we do what we do, and contact us today! Follow our blog for information about immigration, latest updates and policies, and benefits of investing in the EB-5!