AVS EB-5 Continues Perfect Record of Vietnam I-526/I-829 Approvals and Refunds 1st Investors

For EB-5 investors in Vietnam, the past year has represented a sea change in USCIS adjudications policy, with a heightened focus on “source of funds” and “path of funds” issues relating to lawful transfer of EB-5 investor funds to the EB-5 project in question. Vietnam’s complex banking regulations have long represented a challenge for Vietnamese EB-5 investors, but since spring of 2018, the USCIS has placed a strong focus on insuring the integrity of not only the SOURCE of the investor’s funds, but the PATH of transferring said funds into the Job Creating Enterprise (JCE) in the U.S.   in fact, even when an investor has been able to convincingly establish that he or she has obtained the investment capital legally, the USCIS has specifically analyzed the flow of funds to insure that no laws have been broken – and no shady players have been involved – in getting those legitimate funds to the U.S. job-creating entity.

American Venture Solutions Regional Center, as the only EB-5 Regional Center with full time offices in Vietnam, has always focused on proving BOTH the source of the EB-5 capital and the way it is transfered from the accredited investor into the hands of the U.S. JCE.  While other Regional Centers with Vietnamese investors began receiving this POF-driven Requests for Evidence (RFEs) from USCIS early in 2017, AVS did not received any until the second half of 2018. 

In working with investors’ attorneys to prepare the RFE responses for USCIS, AVS Vietnam has been able to document that AVS collects EB-5 investor funds DIRECTLY in Vietnam, closing the path of funds neatly.  AVS is in a unique position among EB-5 Regional Centers in that we are the only RC able to directly collect EB-5 investor funds IN VIETNAM; our commitment to extremely detailed and clear SOF/POF affidavits on behalf of ALL of our investors is exactly the kind of transparent documentation I demanded from applicants when I myself was a U.S. Vice Consul.  At American Venture Solutions EB-5, the ONLY time a prospective investor gets our wiring instructions is AFTER we have conducted a comprehensive Source of Funds/Path of Funds analysis and we are convinced that your personal situation meets or exceeds USCIS evidentiary standards. 

So, before you hand your $500,000+ to that very eager migration agent promising you the world without having asked you very many questions, take this suggestion from an old US visa officer who hates to see people ripped off: call AVS Vietnam!  We’ll take the time to understand YOUR family’s financial background and give you a truthful opinion on whether or not your SOF/POF will pass USCIS muster; you’ll learn about Vietnam’s most successful and proven – THROUGH RETURN OF INVESTMENT – EB-5 offering. 

AVS has over 7 years in the Vietnam EB-5 market, a perfect record of Vietnam investor approval for both I-526s and I-829s, and our earliest Vietnamese investors have begun getting 100% of their $500,000 investment over the past few weeks as the I-829 approvals continue to come in…why entrust your family’s EB-5 investment to anyone else?

Jose Latour, Esq.

President of American Venture Solutions Regional Center