Tax-Free Profits from U.S. Real Estate Investments? Yes, really!

Through AVS Private’s innovative U.S. real estate lending portfolio plan, Vietnamese investors to put their money to work in US real estate…and keep 100% of their interest profit.

Imagine being able to invest in U.S. real estate, collect substantial interest income…and pay ZERO U.S. taxes…legally.   AVS Private’s U.S. real estate lending portfolio allows its clients residing outside of the U.S. to do just that, and we have a few positions available to Vietnam investors wanting to safely explore the dynamic US real estate market while earning tax-free interest profits.

Under long-existing U.S. tax law, non-resident aliens do not pay income tax on U.S. source interest income which meets certain specific requirements.  At the request of our Vietnamese investor clients, AVS Private created a novel and safe new way to offer the portfolio lending option for clients looking to maximize their passive income returns safely and tax free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Investor in Vietnam applies to retain AVS Private as their U.S. Multifamily/Legal Services representative.
  2. After confirming applicant’s status as a qualified accredited investor under U.S. law with a clean criminal background, AVS Private’s HCMC office processes all paperwork associated with formation of U.S. company, IRS compliance, bank accounts, etc., while AVS Private’s Miami office is registered as Clients official business address.
  3. AVS Private in Vietnam assists Client in transferring investment funds to U.S., where they are invested in AVS Private’s portfolio lending plan, with specific investments personally approved by Client.
  4. Client receives monthly interest payments in the US bank account established for them by AVS Private, which they can access and manage fully online from Vietnam.

Each AVS Private client’s risk profile will vary, but an entry-level investor placing U.S. $1M (minimum required investment) into AVS Private’s portfolio lending plan can expect to generate over $100,000 a year in interest income…100% tax free (as long as our client does NOT immigrate to the U.S.)

If you are a high net worth Vietnamese investor positioned to immediately invest a minimum of U.S. $1M, contact us now to secure a position in our soon-to-close portfolio lending program.