“Invest NOW – Confirm LATER” – Our New Cyprus Passport Option

Lock Up Your Family’s Cyprus EU Passport/Residency Today without traveling, fully guaranteed!

LatourLaw’s investor clients (and regular readers!) know that we are exceedingly selective when it comes to approving immigration investment opportunities for our clients.  Latourlaw made the decision to introduce Pafilia’s outstanding properties and the Cyprus EU Passport program only after extensively vetting the folks behind the company and meeting with company principals in person.  LatourLaw is proud to announce Pafilia as our exclusive Cyprus EU Passport and Permanent Residency offering. Yes, there are other programs and there are other agents in Vietnam…but LatourLaw is the ONLY A/V Preeminent Rated, U.S. News and World Report® Rated “BEST LAWYERS/BEST LAW FIRMS” representing Pafilia’s exciting Cyprus EU passport program Vietnam.

With the current global concerns over the coronavirus situation, prospective passport investors are keen to avoid unnecessary international travel; at the same time, global uncertainties highlight the need for the security and flexibility offered by an EU passport. Several weeks ago, LatourLaw Vietnam Director Monica Pham and I visited Cyprus to meet with Pafilia’s management and comprehensively comprehensive tour the company’s diverse and beautiful portfolio of passport investment properties. During our visit, we expressed the concerns voiced by our prospective passport investors from Vietnam, citing both their urgency to commit to the passport program but their reluctance to travel. Specifically we asked them this:g these travel concerns.  We asked them this:

What can we do to insure that during this time of PEAK demand for the Cyprus EU Passport and Permanent Residency solution, LatourLaw’s Vietnam investors could move forward with their investment WITHOUT making the long trip to beautiful Cyprus?

Pafilia’s Management worked quickly with us to find a solution and we are now proud to introduce our “Invest NOW – Confirm LATER” Cyprus Passport Investment Option”, a 100% GUARANTEED solution to those ready to move forward but not wanting to travel internationally given global health concerns. Under this program, available exclusively for a brief period, LatourLaw’s clients ready to commit to Cyprus Citizenship or residency today can enjoy the following special offer during their 4-5 day Cyprus property tour…

  • Two Economy Class Round Trip Tickets from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Cyprus (tickets reimbursed after property purchase is confirmed post-travel)
  • Meet and greet at the Cyprus airport on arrival
  • Free personal guide and transportation for duration of the visit
  • 4 nights Luxury Accommodation at a stunning Cyprus resort hotel
  • All meals including Food & non-alcoholic Beverages during your stay in Cyprus
  • and…a 20,000 Euro furniture package included for FREE upon closing your purchase!

This is an extraordinary option for Cyprus investors brought to you by Pafilia and LatourLaw.  Call LatourLaw today for more information.